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We are a manufacturer of Quality Manufacturer Special Large Size Esd Smt Double Splicing Tape product with a long history in China.In order to provide trustworthy products, we are stricted to control our technological process.Our special double splice tape is available in a wide range of specifications to meet the needs of our customers.As a trustworthy products manufacturer, we have the confidence of improving your business.We are one of the most service-oriented suppliers in the industry.Life is so beautiful that we can know each other and become friends.

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We are a manufacturer of Quality Manufacturer Special Large Size Esd Smt Double Splicing Tape product with a long history in China.In order to provide trustworthy products, we are stricted to control our technological process.Our special double splice tape is available in a wide range of specifications to meet the needs of our customers.As a trustworthy products manufacturer, we have the confidence of improving your business.We are one of the most service-oriented suppliers in the industry.Life is so beautiful that we can know each other and become friends.

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Electrical Tape advice from K0FF on September 12, 2011 View comments about this text!

"Editor's word: as a result of the recognition of a few of eHam's older articles, many of which you may no longer have examine, the crew has decided to rerun one of the top-rated articles that we have received when you consider that eHam's inception. These articles should be reprinted so as to add to the satisfactory of eHam's content and in a show of appreciation to the authors of those articles." this text become initially posted on: four/eleven/2003

Electrical Tape advice by kØFF

Did you ever word that electrical tape, like a hammer, comes and not using a directions? most likely the makers determine that all and sundry instantly knows all of the "hints of the exchange". examine on, you may additionally prefer up a brand new wrinkle.

Vinyl electrical tape has been around on account that 1945, however for a very long time after it become delivered, black cotton friction tape changed into nevertheless used for most applications, partly as a result of the charge difference, partly on account of way of life. I remember tearing long strips of half-inch friction tape into quarter-inch large strips as a cost discount rates. a special function of the adhesive on the friction tape is that it offers off an eerie blue light when the tape is peeled from the roll. it is bright sufficient to be comfortably seen in a darkened room. aside from that trivial fact latest friction tape is used for particular applications best as a topcoat for mild rubber tape as used on excessive voltage cable spices. contemporary substances are sophisticated in every appreciate. the first vinyl tape I ever noticed on the job became gray in colour, not black, I believe it was a mobile company spec.

nowadays i like to recommend the usage of best Scotch 33+ tape for all ham radio uses, except as stated on the end, as it has predictable characteristics and is decent for each indoor/outdoor utility. The temperature range is zero F to 220 F.

make sure to get the class with the + sign, as there is also a undeniable class 33.

3M additionally makes product referred to as Temflex, but again class 33+ is relevant for each software, in particular outdoors.

When taping over coax connectors, or coax splice kits, it's positive to first wrap the connector with a self-amalgamating Silicone Tape product. The 3M version is category 70, and Radio Shack additionally sells it in small rolls under the half number sixty four-2336.

here's not the equal product as the coax-seal, or Radio Shack #278-1645 "sealant for RF connectors". I do not take care of that sticky cloth, dum-dum, or every other putty classification cloth this is challenging to eradicate later. The silicone-tape peels off cleanly and easily, so with ease truly that it has to be coated with a topcoat of class 33+ to offer protection to it. This two layer strategy, when applied as defined under will supply a water-proof seal it is weather resistant, and stays flexible for years, however can with ease be eliminated if changes deserve to be completed to the equipment.

Any time you wrap tape on a threaded part, make certain you wrap it within the course that tends to tighten the screw threads, not the opposite direction. That potential when you are taping a splice, for example two PL-259's screwed right into a double barrel female (PL-258/eighty three-1J) you have to tape every connector from the cable end to the barrel middle.

at all times run the tape "uphill" it really is from the smaller diameter to the greater diameter.

delivery at the smallest end, make a number of tight turns of one-quarter lap for a great seal, then run the tape in a single-half laps to the middle, with moderate stretch so the diameter of the 33+ is decreased to about 5-eighths of or not it's long-established width. On the remaining few turns in the reduction of the stretch anxiety unless it is zero on the ultimate flip, to avoid flagging. Use a scissors to cut the tape end rectangular, as a knife or ripping will add stretch to the ultimate lap and cause it to come free. Repeat the identical strategy from the different aspect, and meet in the center (whether it is a splice package), overlap the left hand facet tape with the right hand facet tape. If the connection is to be eliminated at a relatively short timeframe, fold the remaining hat does not stick. If the tape job is permanent, quite simply lay the final lap down flush. Now for the most advantageous-kept secret, spray the whole assembly with clear coat enamel or different dielectric spray. i use Krylon Crystal Clear. The over-spray absolutely seals the joint and maintains the ends flat.

Non-electrical makes use of for electrical tape.

For taping cables to tower legs and other such jobs, agree with the usage of the Temflex or straight category 33 as they both are much less expensive and have a a little bit larger breaking energy. The sophisticated conformal characteristics of the 33+ don't seem to be obligatory in these purposes.

one of the most regular non electrical uses of vinyl tape is to secure rolls of wire, bundles of tubing, cables to rungs, and a lot of other strange jobs that use the material for apart from it be weatherproof or electrical qualities. To tie up a roll of cable, the cheapest grade of black vinyl tape is ample, except that it leaves a gooey mess at the back of when eliminated. the key here is to make the primary full two turns with the sticky side OUT. Then simply twist the tape around on itself and continue making a few extra turns with the sticky side IN. This same trick can be used with cellophane tape to cozy ironmongery store bundles of conduit, pipe and so on, so that it gets rid of cleanly. hope I had a nickel for every minute wasted trying to get that sticky mess off copper water pipe earlier than soldering!

yet another slick idea Scotch got here up with is the color-coded vinyl tape. I've tried many schemes over the years of the use of purple, blue, eco-friendly white and different color tapes to establish definite cables, for instance coax cables in a bundle run up the tower. After toughly puzzling myself, I determined to quite simply use the white tape, and mark the identification on it with a Sharpie everlasting marker. Foolproof, and lasts for years.

A final observe, the superior tapes like 33+ have a shelf existence rating of 5 years, but still be careful of "surplus finds", because the age and storage conditions are unsure. finest to buy fresh tape from a everyday, relied on source.

Member feedback: this article has expired. No more comments can be added.  Electrical Tape assistance   by means of K1CJS on September 12, 2011 Mail this to a friend! One caveat on the connector wrapping--if the antenna specs say no longer to tape up--that's 'seal' the connector onto the antenna, it's gold standard to just not tape it up. this is true on some Hustler antennas as well as other manufacturers. What you might be doing, specifically if you comply with the authors pointers, is sealing the drainage of the antenna bottom--inflicting the moisture to acquire inside and corrode the connections.

If the antenna specs says not to tape up the coax connector--do not. in case you get a used antenna, assess the specs on-line. You can also neatly be happy you did!

&nbsp Electrical Tape guidance   by VR2YRX on September 12, 2011 Mail this to a pal! Articles of this web page appears getting funnier and funnier....Oooops...is there the rest wrong with my notebook and/or information superhighway connections???? &nbsp RE: Electrical Tape suggestions   by K8QV on September 12, 2011 Mail this to a friend! Let's now not forget to mention, the sticky aspect of any tape should still be the aspect applied to the surface to be caught. The non-sticky aspect (or greater technically, the backing or base) will no longer stick because of it being non-sticky. If the stickiness exists on each side of a tape (double-stick tape), both side will stick. in the event you find yourself stuck with some very historic tape that has lost its stickiness, that you could unroll it and practice a double stick tape to it and make it valuable once again! in case you have no double stick tape, the relevant adhesive can also be obtained from 3M and you'll follow it with a nice brush to one side of your unrolled historic tape. once dry, conveniently re-roll the tape (sticky facet on the inner, of route!) and you have a quick and straightforward good as new tape!!! novice ingenuity lives! &nbsp RE: Electrical Tape assistance   via N8XI on September 12, 2011 Mail this to a pal! K8QV ur humorous :)

yes when working for WEco & At&T well-nigh all the material tape was a grey colour and so changed into lots of the inner equipment.

I wrap my coax/rotor cable with black tape then use uv resistant black tie wraps.

73, Rick

&nbsp Electrical Tape tips   by means of W2LJ on September 12, 2011 Mail this to a friend! Cotton friction tape used to be used to seal applications of Kodak photographic paper. I remember being within the darkroom, peeling back the tape, and on account that moderate blue glow, in an otherwise totally blacked out room.

Larry W2LJ

&nbsp Electrical Tape assistance   through KH6DC on September 12, 2011 Mail this to a chum! That 3m type 70 silicon tape, i am guessing it be the identical or akin to Rescue Tape made via Harbor products and similar to those we used on the SteppIR antennas. Coax Seal is lousy when making an attempt to get rid of it like gelatonized tar. &nbsp Electrical Tape advice   by way of W2BLC on September 12, 2011 Mail this to a pal! I provide an additional coat of "Liquid Tape" excessive of every thing. each and every fall I check up on the outside of all wrappings. If no problems are stated - I give yet another coat of the liquid. some of my traces were in region for over 15 years - and are nonetheless looking good. those that were taken aside through the years have been perfectly satisfactory inside.

bill W2BLC

&nbsp RE: Electrical Tape advice   with the aid of W0FM on September 12, 2011 Mail this to a pal! hiya Geo!

The historical black cloth "friction tape" is not a factor of the past. They began slicing it into 2" widths as an alternative of 1" widths and it's marketed as "Hockey Stick Tape". usually as much as 2 linear feet of the stuff on most any NHL stick blade. ;o)

seventy three, Terry, WØFM

&nbsp Electrical Tape information   by G0GQK on September 12, 2011 Mail this to a friend! equal with computer systems, you don't get any directions within the field, actually you swap it off by using urgent the start button !


&nbsp RE: Electrical Tape suggestions   with the aid of N3CSA on September 12, 2011 Mail this to a pal! You spoke of it all:

Scotch 33+

accept no change.

&nbsp RE: Electrical Tape advice   by AF6AU on September 12, 2011 Mail this to a pal! stuck to white paper it makes particularly seen letters for indications in a pinch too! looks good as much as round eight inch excessive letters. JML AF6AU &nbsp Electrical Tape assistance   by way of KB2DHG on September 12, 2011 Mail this to a friend! A sticky field for sure. first-rate article however I had no concept how lots can also be written? &nbsp Electrical Tape information   via W6ZKH on September 13, 2011 Mail this to a pal! after I labored for MaBell as a Cable Repairman, I definitely went to a "Tape school", discovering how to practice quite a few types of tape used in mobile cable repair, from Friction, Rubber to Vinyl. you'd be surprised on just how a variety of methods to practice such tape to distinct jobs... I suppose I bought an "A" for it, or possibly a "B". John W6ZKH &nbsp RE: Electrical Tape counsel   by way of WY3X on September 13, 2011 Mail this to a friend! one other approach to make use of general electrical tape so as no longer to make connectors gooey with the tar stuff is to wrap one layer of electrical tape internal-out over the connector, the slick surface facing in towards the PL-259. Then over-wrap the tape with the sticky tarry goo stuff, then over-wrap the total factor with electrical tape with the sticky aspect in. This three-step system works extraordinary when it comes time to remove every little thing! I learned this trick from a professional tower climber.

73, -WY3X

&nbsp RE: Electrical Tape assistance   by K9MHZ on September 14, 2011 Mail this to a pal! by means of W0FM on September 12, 2011 The ancient black textile "friction tape" isn't a issue of the past. They begun chopping it into 2" widths instead of 1" widths and it's marketed as "Hockey Stick Tape". constantly as much as 2 linear toes of the stuff on most any NHL stick blade. ;o) seventy three, Terry, WØFM *****************************************

yes sir. Too funny.....they may layer and layer that tape on essentially the most excessive-tech, engineered light weight, effective carbon-fiber stick, with the face perspective and stiffness set to space-age precision.

Cuz you be aware of, or not it's culture.....can not fall for that new-fangled stuff. here's hockey!

&nbsp RE: Electrical Tape assistance   by way of N7HQO on September 14, 2011 Mail this to a chum! right here is an choice two layer water proofing components. I used coax seal for years when i was a 'Sparks' within the US merchant Marines. here is what worked most suitable for me. Connections had been first wrapped tightly with Scotch 33. completely covering the tape wrapped reference to coax seal finished the job. To eradicate the Scotch 33/Coax Seal i'd just cut the Coax Seal and tape back a bit on the metal a part of the connector and peal returned both. No Coax Seal remains on the connector. I inspected connections climate proofed this manner and after 4-5 years of exposure at sea and located no corrosion or water incursion. 73, Larry N7HQO &nbsp Electrical Tape advice   by means of WM3J on September 15, 2011 Mail this to a chum! whatever that I even have found that works relatively smartly is to wrap the connector with white teflon tape earlier than wrapping it with vinyl tape. it's about 10 cents a roll at domestic Depot or Lowe's and conforms and protects the connector.

It also maintains the 'sticky' off of the connector in the event you wrap the vinyl tape over it.

&nbsp Electrical Tape counsel   through AE7VT on September 15, 2011 Mail this to a friend! 3M's 33+ tape is likely one of the premier all around tapes accessible. besides the fact that children, for outside applications, i might suggest their tremendous 88 in view that it is smartly rated for bloodless climate. The 33+ tape does adequate for a couple of years however, the tremendous 88 will final for a couple of years longer if undisturbed in weather extremes akin to we've in northwestern Nevada.

It charges a little greater than the 33+ however, worth the extra when you are conserving connections on a tower or backyard installation that isn't with no trouble accessed for maintenance. in my view, I pick the black putty sealant and if essential, wrap that with super 88 tape for nearly impervious coverage.

73, Paul Cavnar - K7IN

&nbsp RE: Electrical Tape guidance   through W1UT on September 16, 2011 Mail this to a friend! i'll put in my two cents worth as neatly. I too have used this tape with brilliant success, however to seal it I even have found that PVC cement works extremely well. It drys brief and is low priced. just brush on a thin coating after wrapping on the tape and let dry. &nbsp RE: Electrical Tape counsel   by using K9MHZ on September 25, 2011 Mail this to a chum! Guys....thanks for the information on the tapes varieties. Had no thought. looks like there may be an entire world of research and facts that 3M has put together on tapes.

gain knowledge of whatever new day by day.

&nbsp RE: Electrical Tape assistance   by using ZS1BOB on September 26, 2011 Mail this to a chum! This may help for connections in damp environments : Fill each ends of connectors with silicone grease (SPAANJAARD) tighten plug and wipe off excess grease. a couple of layers of first rate first-class tape & 1 or 2 layers of self-vulcanising tape to conclude off. On a chilly day use a heat gun evenly to 'cure' the vulcanising tape. No corrosion in 12 years ! Hope it helps ! &nbsp Electrical Tape information   by means of W4AMR on September 26, 2011 Mail this to a friend! For long term protection outside, do as 3M recommends: wrap the connection with 2228 Moisture Sealing Electrical Tape (accessible at Lowe's), then follow at the least two overlapped layers of super 33+ or super 88 for delivered insurance policy in opposition t wear and abrasion. &nbsp Electrical Tape tips   through KJ4KKI on October 4, 2011 Mail this to a friend! I used coax putty on a connection and turned into frustrated at how intricate it turned into to get it off the dimpled 259 outer ring. i mentioned it to frequent Radio, and the rep cautioned placing a layer of electrical tape across the 259 (just the outer turn ring) and then the coax putty over everything. He pointed out that the putty was easy satisfactory to get free from the coax and balun, and that disposing of the tape would make sure a clear free up from the connector. haven't tried it yet, however looks like an idea value attempting.

for my part, i am a huge fan of 100% silicone. I haven't found the rest that allows you to get by it up to now. I've also used the liquid tape on some stuff. They now have a twig on version of liquid tape. Whooda thunk...? I purchased a can at Harbor Freight and plan to use it soon.

&nbsp Electrical Tape counsel   by AAR2VZ on October 14, 2011 Mail this to a chum! GREETINGS, WHEN WRAPPING A CONNECTION that you might should GET aside AT A LATER DATE, try WRAPPING THE TAPE WITH THE ADHESIVE OUT unless THE ultimate FEW TURNS. IF STRETCHED a bit, you will BE AMAZED AT HOW neatly THIS idea WORKS. 33 IS first rate, 88 IS THICKER & HOLDS UP stronger in the long run. I don't know IF THE charge difference IS price IT occasionally. 73, MIKE &nbsp electronic mail SubscriptionYou don't seem to be subscribed to discussions on this text.

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