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How to choose the right backpack for different outdoor sports

02 24, 2022

When you want to engage in any outdoor activities, a suitable backpack is your essential equipment, so how to choose a handy backpack according to different outdoor activities?
How to choose the right backpack for different outdoor sports
Backpack style:
1, no top bag style.
       The small bag without the top bag uses an inverted U-shaped zipper to control the switch of the main storage space. You can use the zip control to open fully or sideways. Because of the convenience of the switch, it is easy for you to pack and find the contents of the bag. If you are a student, leader or interested in the classification and organization of the package, you can consider a small backpack without a top bag.
2, the style of the top bag.
       The top bag design is often simpler and lighter (the zipper will cause weight gain), and it is very convenient to pack and pack the top of the main bag. Some small pockets with top pockets have an upwardly extending space that provides more capacity. The style of the compression strap on the side of the backpack improves stability and is suitable for skiing and climbing. The downside is that packs with top bags are a challenge because the equipment on the lower level of the backpack is not easy to pick up, and it seems that important equipment is always on the lower level of the backpack.


3, some small backpacks have top bags and zippers at the same time, the advantages of the two will be a very convenient choice.
How much capacity is most appropriate:
       The most suitable capacity for a small backpack is 30 liters, which is large enough to put down ten essential items and extra things for personal climbing. Small backpacks may be as small as 10 litres or as large as 40 to 50 litres. If you often serve as a team leader or help a teammate (or child), you may need a backpack of 40 litres or more. In most cases, a backpack capacity of 30 liters is a standard capacity and the most popular option. But if you're active from summer hiking to winter skiing, you may need more than one small backpack. Consider your needs to decide your choice of small backpack.


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