Quanzhou Xiangshun Bag organized a volunteer care activity on this Saturday

This Saturday, Quanzhou Xiangshun Bag organized a volunteer care activity.We came to Quangang Qinglian Nunnery to care for orphans.The children are very clever and lovely. Although they have no parents, they are very strong.They live very independent, as kindergarten children, they can wash dishes by themselves, but also tell us that we have to save water.They study very well and get all kinds of rewards.Children are the flowers of the motherland, the future of the motherland, we wish children healthy and healthy growth!Let's try our best to help the children, encourage people to show respect and care to the orphan,let the children more warmth, more care!





 To find out more about Quanzhou Xiangshun Bag, please click on this link(https://www.xiangshunbag.com/


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