Large Vacation Travel Duffle Bag

Product number:XS-P241 duffel bag
Size:25 " x 11 " x 12.5"

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this duffel bag is your top source for great pricing on everyday-use accessories. Take our new 25" Large Duffle bag model here with a Dual-Zippered 21" Main compartment to fit in sets of clothes, towels, shoes or other equipment to bring. On each side of the bag are 2.5" Deep Zippered pockets (12.5 x 11 x 2.5) which can carry separate accessories such as deoderants, keys, fresh towels, shirts, etc. There is also another Front zippered pocket for documents or more accessory storage. FEATURES: Main compartment, Two Zippered Side Pockets, One Front Zippered Pocket, Plastic Gusset Bottom, Shoulder Strap included.  
Parameters of this Large Vacation Travel Duffle Bag


size:25 " x 11 " x 12.5"

this duffle bag offer a large main compartment, front compartment, plastic gusset bottom and 2 side pockets for plenty of storage!

Dimensions: 25" L X 11" W X 12.5" H

Front Pocket
Our duffle bags offer a spacious front pocket compartment to store small accessories such as keys, phones, wallet and much more!

Dimensions: 21" Length x 7.5" Height

Shoulder Strap Length
Included with the duffle bag is an adjustable shoulder strap with a length of up to 50".

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