Sling Chest Cross Body Bag

Product number:XS-P307 sling bag
Material:230D encrypted polyester

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【Practical, Small,lightweight】:size(31*18*5CM),0.25 KG,lightweight and practical,including in total 3 pockets:including the front 2 pockets,one anti-theft pocket on back; 2 pockets on the front: Large pocket size(30*15*4CM),accommodate up to 10.5 inches of tablet and umbrella,wallet,mobile power,book;small size pocket size(17.5*17.5CM),place keys,pen,Cosmetics,earphones,glasses cases,card holders,etc.The pocket size on the back(30*18*1 CM) places more valuable items such as cash,mobile
【Usage occasions】Suitable for left-handed products.The design has a tempered D-shaped plastic buckle on both sides of the bottom of the back of the product.It is matched with the tempered G-shaped plastic buckle on the strap.It is hard and durable.When used, it can be backed up.The chest on the left also can on the right side,and can also be used as a backpack on the left and right outdoor sports,running,climbing,going to work,short trips,learning and more. 
Parameters of this Sling Chest Cross Body Bag
material:230D encrypted polyester
【Practicality of the product】Sling chest cross body bag or Purses The nylon fabric of the product is made of 230D encrypted polyester. The material is light, the material is resistant to tearing, no fading, environmental protection, comfortable hand, odorless, water repellent function, etc.; the zipper head is made of zinc alloy. It will not rust within 3 years, it is firmly used, and the encrypted zipper has been passed through 50,000 times. the thickness of the webbing is 1.2MM, which easily bear 10KG.
【Heat Dissipation】 The backside of the sling cross body bag is heat-dissipating material design. The strap is designed with venting holes and heat-dissipating materials. The parts that are placed against the body will not heat up and have better ventilation and ventilation effects.
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